Moms and Others Attending a Ban Oxycontin Rally in Tampa

I first heard about this while watching Fox Tampa Bay. It featured a mom whose son had become addicted to Oxycontin. Her son has just finished months of rehab and is now clean. She and many others would like to see Oxycontin banned and alternative drugs used instead. Some of those supporters will be attending a “BanOxycontin” rally in Tampa tomorrow.

People from outside of Tampa Bay area attending the rally to ban Oxycontin. A mom from Port Orange, Florida, who is also planning on attending the rally ,was featured on the Daytona Beach News-Journal. Unfortunately, her son died from an overdose of Oxycontin and other drugs earlier this year. She now wants to prevent others from suffering the same tragedy by fighting for a ban on Oxycontin.

You can hear more about the rally from the Prescription Addiction Radio web site.

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  1. My son is currently incarcerated due to his addiction to Heroin, which began with Oxycontin. he didn’t doctor shop, but he bought it from people who did. It is criminal how easily it is to obtain. It is also criminal the way Purdue Pharma has behaved. It is sickening that they continue to profit from Oxycontin, and are defended by people who don’t know what they are talking about!!

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