What is Going to Happen to Tuesday Nights Without “Lost” ?

I cannot be the only one thinking how dull television is going to be after the finale of “Lost” on ABC. This seasons flash-sideways do leave more questions than answers. But, this is one of the best written shows in years. It really shows that some people want to do a little bit of thinking and problem solving when they watch television. “Lost” will go down as one of the best television shows of all time. Maybe in the coming years there will be “Lost” conventions, like there are “Star Trek” conventions throughout the country. Although there have been denials by the creators that there will be a spin-off, there might be movies made in the coming years. Can you imagine how cool it will be to watch an episode on the big movie screen with surround sound? But, no matter how great it will be able to catch “Lost 16: The Smoke Monster’s Spawn” at the movies, Tuesday night will be a little different without “Lost”.

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