Shouldn’t Green Bay Let Brett Favre Go

I cannot be the only one that thinks that the Green Bay Packers should let Brett Favre go and play somewhere else if they do not want him. Green Bay has already found a new man that they love, why not let Brett Favre find another team to love. He is not the only NFL player to retire and then come back to the game. He made a mistake and he realized he still has some playing time left in him and he wants to just go a little longer. There has to be a middle ground that can be reached.

I know that in many cases that there are teachers that retire after many years of service and then decide that they want to come back to teaching and then they do. There are many fields where people can retire and then decide they want to go back to work.

I know that one o f the possible teams that Brett may have been considering is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I don’t know if he would be a better match for the team than Jeff Garcia, and Jeff and a lot of other NFL quarterbacks probably are hoping he stays retired.

Maybe one thing that should keep Brett Favre restarting his NFL career is the Madden Curse. The Madden Curse has affected more players that we would care to name. After being the image on Madden game NFL players suffered career setbacks. All thought it was safe for Brett Favre to appear on the most recent Madden cover because he was a retired man. But as we know things might be changing.

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