Now is the time of year that high school senior begins applying to different colleges and universities, if they have not already done so. The application process begins long before senior. Many would say that it begin when a student begin making a schedule of their ninth grade classes. Once a student enters ninth grade the grades that begin to make will affect their college admissions process.

Seniors should not be dismayed if they have a less than stellar gpa. There are opportunities to go to different schools across the state of Florida and the United States. The student can also work extra hard during their senior year to try to improve their gpa. Of course work done during the senior year will not have an overly dramatic effect, but it does have the ability of make some small improvements in the overall high school gpa.

Also those with low gpa have the opportunity to offset their low gpa with a high score on the college admissions test. Most college and universities will accept both the ACT and SAT test.

Some students have taken the SAT and ACT during their 11th grade year. Some high school 10th graders have also taken the PSAT test and that has provided some practice in taking the SAT. High school senior should talk to their school guidance counselor about these tests and college planning.

The test scores, academic record, and extracurricular activities all play a role in college admission and should not be taken lightly. High school seniors have the opportunity in improving all three aspects. The test scores can be improved by studying different portions of the test. The academic record can also be improved by working hard to make A’s during the senior year, and students also have plenty of opportunity to participate in different extracurricular activities.