Mattel has recalled several Toys because of Lead

Mattel has announced the recall of several toys because they contain lead based paint. The recall extends to many popular toys that were manufactured with lead based paint in China. The recall includes several Barbie accessories, Big Big World 6-in-1 Bongo Band toys, and Geo Trax Locomotive toys. Last month August Mattel announced a recall of several of its Dora and Sesame Street toys because they were painted with lead based paint. Mattel and the consumer Product have more details and images of the recalled toys.

Doing a search on the Consumer Product Safety Commission web site will yield many recalls of products made with lead based paint. With the hazards of being exposed to lead base paint, these recent recalls highlight the fact that new guidelines need to be in place before these products are placed in the hands of children. A test should be done on a sample of toys before they are ever placed in stores. It should not be the parents’ responsibility to find out if the toy that their children play with is painted with lead based paint. Manufacturers need to stop cutting corners and make the safety of children a top priority.

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