Mask Mandates in Tampa Bay Public Schools

Citrus County

Citrus County has not mandated the use of masks, but they do say that masks are available at each school for those that want to wear them.

Hernando County Schools

Face coverings will be optional for Hernando County Schools students and employees.

Hillsborough County Schools

Hillsborough County Public Schools will require face coverings as a mitigation measure as we begin the 2021-22 academic year but will allow parents or guardians to opt their child out of wearing a face covering or mask. Parents who do not want their child to wear a mask must fill out the HCPS Mask Opt-Out Form at

Manatee County Schools

Masks/Face coverings will be optional for Manatee County Schools’ students and employees.

Pasco County Schools

Masks/Face coverings are optional for Pasco County Schools’ students and employees

Masks are optional in Pasco County Schools. However, the CDC continues to recommend the use of masks. Since CDC guidance is subject to change, we recommend visiting the CDC website for the latest guidance.

Pinellas County Schools

Face coverings will be strongly recommended (not mandatory) when indoors for both staff and students.

School district personnel will not monitor nor enforce the use of face coverings for staff or students; however, face coverings will continue to be available at school sites for students, staff and visitors.

Polk County Schools

Sarasota County Schools

If students, staff member or visitor wants to wear a face mask, they can, but it is optional. Schools will have masks available. The school district strongly encourages unvaccinated individuals to wear face masks, but this is not mandated.

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