Tampa Bay Buccaneers Corral the Colts

With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers suffering from their 14 penalties for 106 yards and the Indianapolis Colts having to depend on a third string quarterback, Monday night’s NFL football game at Raymond James Stadium was anything but boring. The Buccaneers were determined to put on a show for the first sold out home crowd since 2009 and the Colts were trying to grasp their first win of the season. The Colts were sent home disappointed by their 24-17 loss putting them at 0-4, their worst season start since Peyton Manning’s rookie season.

The Monday night game was filled with good moments for both teams including a quick 35-yard touchdown by the Bucs LeGarrette Blout that gave the Bucs the lead in the final quarter. Colts third string quarterback Curtis Painter threw an 87-yard pass to Pierre Garcon for a touchdown in the second quarter, the fifth longest touchdown pass in Colt’s franchise history.

Gerald McCoy, Adrian Clayborn and Michael Bennett each took a turn with sacking the Colt’s Curtis Painter. Michael Bennett added a second sack to further rattle the Colts offense and get the crowd going behind their Bucs. The Colt’s Mathis and Hughes each got a hand on the Bucs Josh Freeman for the sack but it wasn’t enough to put the Colt’s ahead on the score board for the win.

Blout took advantage of a struggling Colt’s defense by racking up 127 rushing yards and one touchdown. Freeman passed for 287 yards and picked up 28 yards rushing before taking a kneel down for the final play of the game. The Colt’s Curtis Painter completed 13 of his 31 passes for 281 total yards and two touchdowns.

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