Hillsborough County Small Businesses Get up to $3,900 for Each New Employee

An incentive program proposed by County Commissioner Sandra L. Murman, District 1, to reward small business owners who create jobs was green-lighted today by the Board of County Commissioners.

The small business reimbursement incentive program is designed to promote job creation in Hillsborough County by offering a wage reimbursement to small businesses owners. The reimbursement would pay small businesses up to 50 percent of three months’ total salary of new jobs created, capped at $3,900 per new employee.  It is estimated that this program will encourage the creation of approximately 200 jobs, offering a total of $500,000 to local small business owners.

“Hillsborough County needs to grow our economic base and we need to improve the opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs within our region,” said Commissioner Murman. “This initiative will have a real impact on the opportunities for local growth of the small business sector.”

To qualify, small business owners would have to attend a minimum of four hours of business workshops and/or counseling sessions and meet specific requirements such as having 10 employees or less; jobs created must be full-time and last the required three-month employment period; new employees must be residents of Hillsborough County and businesses must be located in Hillsborough County; and businesses may be reimbursed for up to three created jobs. Additional requirements will be listed on the program application

The incentive program will start on March 21, 2011.  On that date, small business owners will be able to download an application and more information from the Hillsborough County Small, Minority Business Development Section’s Web page at: www.hillsboroughcounty.org/econdev/.  The applications will be accepted on a first-come/first-serve basis until the program funding runs out.

For additional information, contact the County Small, Minority Business Development Section at (813) 914-4028.

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  1. This is always a good incentive when local government provides incentives for owners to start businesses or hire more employees. In a down market like ours more towns counties cities and states should take notice of this.

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