Tampa One of the Top 10 Unhappiest Cities to Work

Tampa was placed number 10 on the list of “The CareerBliss Unhappiest Cities to Work”.   CareerBliss used 200,000 company reviews to make a decision based on 8 different factors: growth opportunities, compensation, benefits, work-life balance, career advancement, senior management, job security and whether the employee would recommend the company to others.  St. Paul, Minnesota was number 1 on the list of the unhappiest cities to work.    Miami and Jacksonville were number 3 and 4, respectively, for the list of Happiest Cities to Work.    

Of course everyone has their own opinions how their city should rank.   I am sure there are some that think Tampa is one of the happiest places to work, while others are not surprised that it made it to number 10 for the one of the unhappiest cities to work.  

Here is the link to the full list of unhappiest and happiest cities to work.


  1. I find this quite amazing. We spend a lot of time around Tampa and do some business with a few companies there and in Clearwater. Everyone we have encountered seem to be exceptionally happy at work. I think this stuff must depend on the company far more than the city to be honest.

  2. Thanks for the link, the info is really interesting! But, I do think that Dyson has a point, it’s a lot more to do with what company you work at than where you work, but that being said, maybe some places have nicer companies! For example, San Francisco has a lot of big companies, no wonder people enjoy inventing tomorrows technology! Thanks again

  3. I find this study to be very interesting. I think it’s important to remember that good jobs can always be found in “bad” cities and bad jobs can always be found in “good” cities. No matter where you live, it’s still up to the individual to find the right opportunity.

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