At Home Fertility Test for Sperm Count reports that there is a new at home fertility test that lets men know there sperm count. I first read about it on The product SpermCheck, was approved by the FDA and will be available online starting this July and then available in local pharmacies later. According to the articles there was another sperm check on the market, but is was less accurate because it measure protein in the semen, instead of the amount of cells found in the semen. It is promoted as a way to get men that are hesitant about going to the doctor a little insight in their fertility. Doctors do say that the sperm count is not the only thing to consider when diagnosing male fertility. There are other issues that may need to be evaluated by a doctor.

Hopefully this will be a benefit to the many people that would make wonderful parents. Beyond the fertility issue, it is amazing how far technology has come that there is now a home sperm count kit. This makes me hopeful for the scientific breakthroughs that will be coming in the near future

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