Upset of the Season- Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defeat New Orleans Saints

In an upset heard around the NFL, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the New Orleans Saints in an overtime victory. Going into this week’s game the Saints were 13-1, while the Buccaneers were 2-12. It seemed as though this game was going to be an easy win for the Saints. It may have been overconfidence that led the Saints to their second consecutive loss this season. Before last week the Saints were undefeated and Buccaneers had only one win under their belt.

Up until the fourth quarter the Buccaneers had 3 points on the board, while the Saints held the lead with 17 points. Many fans probably turned the game off at that point-thinking the Buccaneers had no chance. The Saints also thought that the Buccaneers had no chance, but in the 4th quarter the Buccaneers came back with a vengeance. In the fourth quarter the Buccaneers scored 14 points. Saints fans were living in Bizzaro World this afternoon when the opposite of what was supposed to happen started to occur. The Saints led the game by scoring the first 17 points of the game. Then the Buccaneers got on the board with a field goal in the second quarter and did not allow any more points from the Saints. No one scored in the third quarter. In the fourth quarter it was on. The Buccaneer scored 14 points in fourth quarter with a touchdown by Cadillac Williams and extra point by Connor Barth. Then Michael Spurlock scored a 77 yard punt return and Connor Barth made the extra point again. The game went into overtime and the Buccaneers scored a 3 point field goal to win the game and bring hope to Tampa Bay fans.

Hopefully this means that the Buccaneers are starting to find themselves and coming into their own. Most of all, hopefully this win means that Raheem Morris gets to coach the Buccaneers for another year.

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