Ohio Church Daycare Accused of Giving Sleep Aids at Naptime

A daycare in Ohio has recently fired two staff workers after allegations that children in their care were given a sleep aid during naptime. According to an article on Cincinnati.com, children were given the over the counter medication Melatonin at the daycare center at Covenant Apostolic Church. One family of a child that attended the daycare center has filed a lawsuit.

Although, no one was convicted the pastor of the Covenant Apostolic Church was quoted as saying:

“To my knowledge this is a sleep-aid supplement that can be purchased at any local stores, but this should not have occurred,” he said. “We have fully cooperated with police. Our program remains open and operational and the police are satisfied that our day care has been run safely.”

Children, especially those at such a young age, are innocent and left dependent on the adults taking care of them. It is sad and crazy that they could have been given any drug. I know that parents have to be upset that something like this could have happened to their children. The trust of the children and the parents were violated.

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