Decluttering-Thanks to Oprah

I am in the decluttering my house right now. Oprah had a show about it yesterday and that just propelled me into decluttering mode. She has had shows before about organizing and decluttering and I have said I would do it and I have done some and then went back to my old ways. Now I am really trying to make it all work and there are tons of stuff that are going into the garbage cans and donation piles.

There are things that I have not used in years that has just been taking up a ridiculous amount of space all over my house. I have about six different yellow and white pages. Why does anyone need sooo….. many phone books? Now with the internet there is almost no need for any phone book. But I am revved-up. Hopefully I can keep up the momentum and finish the task. It is actually starting to shape-up as some of the unneeded things ship-out.

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