Hurricane Eta School Closures

As Hurrican Eta is projected to make landfall close to the Tampa Bay area, many schools are closing schools Thursday and Friday.  There are schools that are opened on  Veteran’s Day that will be releasing their students early.

Hernando County Schools

All schools will be closed Thursday(November 12, 2020).  All evening Wednesday after school activities have been canceled.


Hillsborough County Schools:

The School district of Hillsborough County will be closed Thursday(November 12, 2020) and Friday (November 13, 2020).  Although the physical buildings are closed so that some can be used as shelters, all students will be doing remote learning during those days.

Manatee County Schools

Manatee County  Schools are closed  Thursday(November 12, 2020) and Friday (November 13, 2020).   The disrict said that all students will be learning virtually.

Pasco County Schools

All Pasco County School will be closed Thurday (November 12,2020).   Students will be released early from school today.

Pinellas County Schools

Schools were dismissed early, and all schools will be closed Thursday(November 12,2020)

Polk County Schools

All Polk County schools will be closed Thursday (November 12,2020)

Sarasota County Schools

Sarasota schools are dismissing students 2 hours early Wednesday and will make a decision about cancellations at 7 PM tonight.



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