Schiano’s Sad Season

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers ended Sunday’s game in a way that represented their 2013 footaball season; on the losing side.  Once again, the Buccaneers end a season with no post-season hope and wondering how things went so very wrong.  This is the 6th  consecutive season that the Buccaneers have not made the playoffs and the second one under Head Coach, Greg Schiano.  The previous seasons were under fired coaches Jon Gruden and Raheem Morris.  Now Schiano has been dealt the same post-season pink slips that his predecessors received.

Drama has surrounded the Buccaneers this season.  Fomer starting quarterback Josh Freeman left mid-season with a lot controversy.  NFL officials traveled down to Tampa to find out who leaked confidential information about Freeman having to take drug tests.  After weeks of internal turmoil that spread over into the papers, Freeman was released by the Buccanners.

There was also the MRSA outbreaked that sidelined several players this season.  Some teams went to the extra effort  of hiring special cleaning crew after the Buccaneers played at their stadium.

Now the Tampa Baby Buccaneer organization hopes that that they can cure the dismal football season that they have been experiencing.  First, they have released General Manager Mark Dominick and Head Coach Greg Schiano.  Now, they are looking for a new coach and it will probably have to be someone with some significant NFL coaching experience.  Maybe they can coax Dungy to comeback and help build the team up to something that will have the power needed to win games.

Tampa Bay has had hard seasons that made many fans desert them, but true fans know and believe that they will win again.

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