5 Florida Cities on Amazon.com’s Most Well-Read List

BoyReadMomIt seems many residents in the state of Florida are voracious readers.  When it comes to ranking on Amazon.com’s most read books list, 5 Florida cities are in the top 20.     There rankings were:  Miami #3, Orlando #5, Gainessville #15,Clearwater #19, and Tallahassee #20.  The list is based on the sales of books that are Kindle or print edition.  The ranking of the cities is based on per capita purchase of books and only includes cities with at least 10,000 residents.

Of course these may not actually be the most well read cities because all things were not taken into consideration.  There are other places where readers could have obtained books and many people do not just use Amazon.com as the source for book purchases.  In addition, some individuals get the books they read from the library.

Using the library to obtain books is great way to save money and still have an array of options.   In fact, having a public library card will not only give access to printed books, but also to electronic books.

But no matter how skewed the data might be, it is great to see that people throughout the state and the country are reading.  By the way, Alexandria, Virginia was #1 on the list.

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