Sarasota Teen Honored Again in The Intel Science Talent Search

In 2012 Brittany Wenger won the Google Science Fair for her Cloud4Cancer science project that is a computer program aimed to help detect malignancy of breast cancer.   Once again Brittany placed in an international competition by winning 8th place in the Intel Science Talent Search.    She has not only the intelligence but a lot of drive.  She actually taught herself how to program and spent hundreds of hours working on her project.

Brittany is a senior at The Out-of-Door Academy in Sarasota, High School.  The Out-of-Door Academy has a great article on Brittany and her Grand Prize Win of the Google Science Fair.   In the article it also states that Brittany has won the Sarasota Regional Science, Engineering, and Technology Fair.

For those that are interested, Google’s 2013 is still open for submissions.  You can visit for more information.  Children 13 to 18 from around the world are eligible to enter the competition.

Information for the next Intel Science Talent Search will be posted this summer at

Intel also has the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.  You need to enter through a regional science fair in are like the area.   You can find out more about that competition by visiting the International Science and Engineering Fair website.

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