LEGOLAND® Florida is Hiring

It is probably a kid’s dream to grow-up and get paid to build with LEGOs all day.   Although it may seem like a fantasy, this is the reality for some people.   LEGOLAND® Florida is hiring for a Master Model Builder.

Essential job responsibilities include envisioning, designing and building unique LEGO® creations.

“Master Model Builders are royalty here at the park,”  said General Manager Adrian Jones. “They enjoy celebrity status and when they’re not being interviewed by reporters and paparazzi, they spend eight hours a day playing in the model shop.  Who in their right mind wouldn’t want this job?”

Would-be builders must first submit a short video clip of themselves and a home-made LEGO® creation.  Candidates will be culled through Facebook voting, then invited to the park December 1 and 2 to participate in a series of skills tests.  Details on the video submission and the search are available at

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