Tampa-Hillsborough Library MOSI Branch Closes Permanently on April 29th

Tampa-Hillsborough Library system will have one less branch library starting April 29th with the closure of the MOSI branch.  

The Science Library at MOSI, a branch of the Hillsborough County Public Library System, will close permanently on April 29.

This closure is not simply a budget or cost savings measure. Circulation at this Library has gone down almost 25 percent since the North Tampa Branch Library re-opened in September 2009, and the fiscal savings can be re-invested to better serve the patrons of higher-volume libraries.

Customers of the Science Library at MOSI are encouraged to use these neighboring branches:

  • North Tampa Branch Library, 8916 North Blvd. in Tampa
  • Jimmie B. Keel Regional Library, 2902 W. Bearss Ave. in Tampa
  • Norma and Joseph Robinson Partnership Library @ Sulphur Springs, 8412 N. 13th St. in Tampa

The Science Library was opened in June of 1995 as a joint museum/public partnership specializing in science materials. The Library also housed a school media collection for the MOSI Partnership School which will be relocated onto the school premises.

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  1. I agree with Clearwater, it is a real shame. At least there are still the three other libraries though. All kids should have access to a local library, when I was a kid, I remember changing books every week. How things change!

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