The 2010 NFL Draft class was stocked with an amazing amount of talent – particularly on the defensive end of the football spectrum. This was a good thing for a team like the Bucs, who were in desperate need of help on the defensive line and in the defensive secondary. On paper, it appears as though the Tampa Bay Buccaneers addressed these needs in the 2010 Draft – enlisting help from Gerald McCoy, DT, Brian Price, DT, and Myron Lewis, CB.

Gerald McCoy was Tampa Bay’s guy they wanted on the d-line going into the draft, but there are questions as to whether or not the Bucs will be able to sign the third overall pick with recent financial concerns within the organization. Brian Price, the Bucs’ second round pick, will help to bolster the defensive line – although many fans and pundits are questioning why the second round pick was not spend on a wide receiver or offensive lineman. While the Bucs’ front seven were abysmal at best in 2009, a common consensus appears to be that the second rounder would have been best spent on a receiver or on o-line help.

Myron Lewis is a strong pick at number 67 overall who brings a hard-hitting, interception-heavy defensive back to the Tampa secondary. With Ronde Barber all but cooked, Lewis will boost a struggling Buccaneer secondary with his large stature and penchant for picks (nine interceptions in his last two seasons of college ball).

Tampa Bay chose receiver help in the form of Mike Williams out of Syracuse in the fourth round. Williams brings a strong build and good hands to the table, but like many other wide receivers, he does have some baggage that comes along with him. If this baggage does not show through in the NFL, Williams could be a playmaker for the Tampa offense, as he is considered a legitimate downfield threat by many scouts. If he can get his act together, he will be a steal for the Bucs.

Overall, Tampa Bay had a serviceable draft this year. The defensive line and secondary look to be significantly improved, and there is potential for Mike Williams to be an explosive receiver in the NFL. Still, many fans and analysts agree that the second rounder should have been used on a more solid bet for WR, or an offensive lineman to help an o-line that struggled last year. Overall grade: C/C+.