Free Admission to Busch Gardens All 2010 for Preschoolers

If you are a Florida resident, you have a chance to have your preschooler get in free to Busch Gardens for 2010. Busch Gardens is giving away a free commemorative Busch Gardens Preschool Pass to kids 5 and under. You can go to Sesame Street Safari of Fun to register online for the free pass. This March, Busch Gardens will be opening the new Sesame Street Safari to the public. Sesame Street Safari will be replacing the Land of the Dragons as the new preschool play area at Busch Gardens.


  1. thanks for the heads up about this. We will be visiting the area a little later in the Month and were looking for some inexpensive things to do. The gardens and the Safari sound great!!

  2. Ah I loved Busch Gardens!! I went to Florida years ago with my family and it was amazing. The villa we stayed in was beautiful but we saw so many different parks and places and they were all brilliant. I wonder what they’re like now cos they were nice enough back then šŸ™

  3. I’ve never been to the Busch Gardens but I’ve heard about them from a colleague who just came back from Florida. I’d love to go with my daughter but I’m not sure if we can afford it just now. I think it’s a great idea to allow free admission for pre-schoolers, it’s a great incentive for a family day out.

  4. I think this a great news from the kid they can go to Busch Gardens. And I know they will be enjoy there. That was a great experience of them. Thanks for your article.

  5. I think that was a good opportunity for the preschooler to visit the Busch Gardens. I know the children will enjoy the place. That was a good experience for the kids.

  6. Busch Gardens is the best park for the kids, because they can see different species and plants. This is a good experience for the kids they can get more knowledge on this tour.

  7. Busch Gardens is a great place to visit with the family. This is a real treat for School Group Travel as well, its never too early for children to begin learning, travel enables that.

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