Hillsborough County Warns Against Falling Victim to Census Fraud

The Census will be mailed in mi-March and Hillsborough County officials would like for you to be careful to avoid scams. They have provided some points to remember as you prepare for this decade’s census.

  • U.S. Census workers carry identification at all times, which they must display and have a telephone number that residents may use to call immediately to verify their identity. However, residents should never invite anyone they don’t know into their home.
  • U.S. Census workers will begin knocking on doors after questionnaires have been mailed in mid-March. Residents do not need to release their social security numbers, or credit card/banking information. Residents are only asked to provide how many people live at the address and other demographic information, such as race, age, gender, etc.
  • U.S. Census workers will not solicit donations, and will never ask for fees.
  • U.S. Census workers may contact residents via telephone, mail or in person at home. However, they will not contact anyone by email, so residents should beware of email scams and never click on a link or open an attachment that claims to be from the U.S. Census.
  • Census workers will visit the homes of those residents who don’t return their completed questionnaires.

It is imperative everyone fills out a census form as census information helps determine how billions of dollars in federal funding is spent in local communities!

If you have questions, contact the regional Census office at 1-800-424-6974 or the County’s Consumer Protection Agency at (813) 903-3430.

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