So Happy I Saved $10 on My Grocery Bill with Coupons

I have to admit that I have not taken coupons and coupon clipping very seriously. Overspending is not something I do either. When shopping for the family, my husband and I try to find the bargains wherever we can. However, using coupons has not been a consistent thing for us.

Recently, I ran into another mom that seemed to have the coupon clipping down to a science. She described different ways that other moms organize their coupons and some of it is according to personal preference. One way some savvy shoppers sort their coupons is with a binder and baseball card dividers. It really worked well for me. I had seen other shoppers walking around stores with these dividers, and hear of other people using it. Now I see why they sorted their coupons that way-it really makes everything easy to find.

There are other ways to sort coupons that include using a shoe box and a filing system that has the coupons in alphabetical order. I have never tried this technique, but it works well for many shoppers.

Now that I have my coupon sorting together, my next goal is to find more places to get coupons. All my coupons, so far, have come from Sunday’s newspaper. Now I will be scouring the web looking for coupons and deals. If you know of a deals or coupons just let me know. I would love to post them and let other know as well.

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  1. Hmm.. that’s a very nice suggestion/idea/tips you got there! I guess i ahve to take this coupons seriously huh? This would be a great help on my pocket! Lol!

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