George Stephanopoulos New Co-host of “Good Morning America”

“Good Morning America” is letting the anchor position stay in the ABC family by moving George Stephanopoulos into the co-host position left vacant by Diane Sawyer’s move to “World News Tonight”. Stephanopoulos was host of the political show “This Week”. Stephanopoulos will be commuting from Washington D.C., where he and his family have living and where he has hosted “This Week,” to New York City, where “Good Morning America” is filmed. At the end of the school year George Stephanopoulos, his wife, and two girls will move to New York permanently.

So far “World News Tonight” has had two consecutive hosts come from “Good Morning America.” It would not be surprising to see George Stephanopoulos take over the “World News Tonight” position after Dianne Sawyer decides to step down from the position years from now. He is respected and would do great as her successor at “World News Tonight.”

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