A Big Thank You to Hewlett Packard For Speedy Delivery

On Wednesday evening I had to place a order for a new A/C adapter for my HP laptop.   Because I was still under the one year warranty I was able to get a new adapter shipped to me and was told that it would arrive in about 6 days.  The adapter arrived this morning before noon.  I was ecstatic to receive it after going over a day without be able to use my laptop.  It was a quick turnaround for HP and I really think that was great customer service.  

I usually get HPs because they are more affordable than other brands.  My relationship with HP is not always a happy one, but I we seem to work things out.   My sound on the laptop stopped and I had to download a new driver, but about every computer brand has had one problem or another.  I don’t think that any computer brand is immune from having difficulties. 

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