The Walgreens sales paper has a coupon that allows customers to purchase 3 reusable shopping tote bags for $1. That is a great price because most of these totes are sold for $1 or more. I hope that other stores will follow their example and offer the totes at such low prices.

If the tote bags were less expensive then more people would purchase them and that would mean less use of the disposable plactic shopping bags. When you thing about it, a family shopping at the grocery store would have to use several of these bags and the upfront cost of purchasing the necessary amount of bags is probably a deterrent.

Now price is not a real issue with these reusable bags at Walgreens that can be purchased 3 for $1 with a Walgreens coupon. The coupon is part of the sales paper in this Sunday’s newspaper. Walgreens also has sales papers in their stores that have the coupons.