Although there are no confirmed cases of anyone having the Swine Flu at any Hillsborough County Schools, three local schools have been closed for a week. There are probable cases of the swine flu at Freedom High School, and Wilson Middle School. As a precaution, Liberty Middle school has also been shut down for a week. These schools will be closed the week of May 4, 2009 to May 9, 2009.

During this time the schools will all be sanitized. School officials are asking that those that attend these schools or work at these schools to try to stay at home and away from crowds, so that if they are infected with the swine flu, they can avoid transmitting it to another individual.

Hillsborough County School officials are contacting the College Board to arrange makeup exams for the Advancement Placement test being given to students this week. Freedom high school students will need to take make-up exams since they will be out of school for the entire week.

Along with not being able to take Advance Placement exams, students in the shut-down schools are not having extracurricular activities this week.

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