Tampa was named one of the best places for cat by CATalyst.

What makes a catfriendly city? The love and care cats receive, says the CATalyst Council. Today, the recently formed organization is set to raise the stature of America’s number one companion, the cat, by announcing the ATalyst 2009 Top 10 Cat-Friendly Cities. The CATalyst Council, a coalition of the veterinary community, academia, nonprofits, industry and animal welfare organizations, hopes to call attention to how much the cat is loved and cared for in these cities, and set the bar for other cities to follow in the annual rankings. The cities named include Tampa, Phoenix, San Francisco, Portland (Ore.), Denver, Boston, Seattle, San Diego, Atlanta and Minneapolis. The list was compiled after reviewing the top 25 standard metropolitan areas for such data as cat ownership per capita, level of veterinary care, microchipping and cat-friendly local ordinances.

Cats are great pets-they basically take care of themselves.