Recruitment has begun for the Super Bowl Halftime Show with Bruce Sprinsteen.

On February 1, 2009 Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will perform in the Bridgestone Super Bowl XLIII Halftime Show in Tampa Bay at Raymond James Stadium. We’re looking for enthusiastic volunteers to be part of the on-field audience for the show. 
We’ll be registering all participants as members of a group. Groups can be formal organizations such as school groups, fan clubs & community organizations, or something more informal like a group of friends. There are only a few important criteria that each group must meet. 
Groups must have at least 10 members 
All group members must be at least 16 years old 
Each group must have a leader who is at least 21 years old 
All group leaders & members must be present and participate during all rehearsals 
There are also some other important things you’ll want to know before deciding to sign-up. 
It’s important that group leaders understand what they are signing up for. 
Group leaders will participate in the show as part of their group, and be responsible for making sure every member of their group is in the right place at the right time. The show staff will rely on leaders to make sure their group members are informed & following the rules. Group members will rely on leaders for rehearsal information and instructions from the show staff. 
Group leaders will also be in charge of signing up their group in our online registration system, and keeping group information up-to-date. 
Still sound like something you want to do? … then read on! 
Registration alone does not guarantee that you’re group will be chosen to participate. 
Here’s how it will go: 
Group leaders will register online providing the name, birth date, phone number and emergency contact of each member of their group. 
Our casting representatives will review each registration 
Group leaders will be informed via email if their group has been selected to participate 
The email from our casting representatives will contain specific information for the group leader, and let them know where to meet for the orientation meeting. 
Alright, so you’ve read through the entire site. You’re sure that all your group members are available for the entirety of every rehearsal. You’ve gathered the full name, phone number, birth date, and emergency contact for each member of your group. Great! 
Click here to register your group! 
The Bridgestone Super Bowl XLIII Halftime Show will be produced by Halftime Entertainment Logistics, Inc.