Gift Cards are Everyone’s Last Minute Gift Idea

It is not the night before Christmas but time is winding down to the big day, but thankfully we still have gift cards. With the closure of so many companies you may be a little weary about giving out a gift card; however gift cards can still be great gift for those that you cannot find a gift for.

If you don’t want to give a specific gift card you may consider give a generic gift card to a mall. You can usually purchase a mall gift card at the customer service desk and those gift cards are generally good for all the stores in the mall. Check to find the official rules for using that gift card. Many years ago when the mall used to give gift certificates instead of gift cards I ran into a problem with a sales clerk saying my purchase was too small.

Another gift card could be from the grocery store. Everyone needs to eat and anyone you give it to is going to use it. I really like get grocery store gift cards because the holiday dinners are usually at my home and I have spend a little extra at the grocery store around this time of the year.

While we have grocery stores on the brain, grocery stores like Publix are stocked full of gift cars for different stores. This does point to the convenience of purchasing a gift card. You can get a gift card from grocery stores, and drug stores like CVS. If you are on the run and have no time to battle the crowds at the mall and big stores you can pick up a gift card while doing some grocery shopping or stopping by the corner drug store.

Yeah gift cards are convenient, but you are thinking about how impersonal they may be. Gift cards are better than you picking an item that you have no idea whether that person will like or not. Pick a gift card from a place that you know that person really likes and get that card. You have a whole year to think about a personal gift you can give next Christmas.

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