Although he is serving jail time and suspended from the NFL, there is much talk about where Michael Vick will play if he is allowed to come back to the NFL. One thought is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers he may end up with Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We know that Jon Gruden loves his veteran quarterbacks with proven ability, but will he vie for Michael Vick to come to Tampa Bay. There are a lot of issues surrounding Vick concerning his public image, but not his on field ability. There is also the fact that Atlanta has said they do not want him back, but it is unlikely that they want that much talent going to their NFC south rival.

We may be seeing a situation similar to Brett Favre and his efforts to come back to the NFL. But unlike Vick, Brett Favre did not have to win over fans. Wherever Michael Vick may go he will have to work improve his public image and that will play a key role in who will pick him up as a player.