Black Friday is a Dark Day with Deaths at Toys “R” Us and Wal-Mart

Black Friday has become more dangerous and deadly this year. In New York shoppers eager to get into a Wal-Mart for the Black Friday deals had no regard for the employees and fellow shoppers and trampled a temporary employee to death. No matter how great the deal that they may have received today no one with a conscience can actually enjoy it knowing that one man making barely above minimum wage lost his life because people could not wait in line like intelligent adults.

In another incident in California, two men were shot to death inside a Toys “R” Us store after an argument. It is not known why they men had the argument and whether it was actually related to Black Friday or was from a prior disagreement.

In some areas the Black Friday shopping has gotten extremely out of control. What can stores do to remedy the situation? I just do not know. But something has to be done. I wouldn’t say to end the sales, but maybe having people wait outside for hours in the cold and early morning hours isn’t a good thing.


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