Black Friday Bargain Hunters Camp Out Now

It isn’t even Thanksgiving and some people have already started camping out in lines for their Black Friday deals. Thanksgiving for some has come to mean the day before Black Friday. A family in Lakeland, Florida have pitched their tents and unpacked their chairs in front of their local Best Buy to get ready for Black Friday deals. Wow, is all I can say. But if that is what makes them happy then I guess more power to them. Some folks do get an adrenaline rush or kick from being one of the first if not the first person to be in the stores on Black Friday.

Stores have already placed some their Black Friday ads online for customers to take a gander at. Don’t be surprised if some of the web sites are take a little while to view. A lot of people are visiting these ads and the servers are a little busy.

Black Friday Online Ads

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