Adoptions from Vietnam to the United States May Temporarily End Because of Baby Selling

Adoptions from Vietnam to the United States is in danger of being temporarily suspended because of investigations that shown misuse of the system. Large numbers of Americans apply for adoption of Vietnamese children each year, and because of this the waiting list has become huge. Whenever there is a demand so high there also seems to always be corruption in the midst.

In one case a Vietnamese grandmother attempted to give her own grandchild up for adoption, but was unsuccessfully able to do so. Another case in this story told of a hospital that tried to give a baby up for adoption, citing that the mother had abandoned the child, but the mother was able to somehow recover her child.

Another area of concern is the number of citations of abandoned baby’s on adoption papers amounting to 85%. The U.S. officials believe that this huge number may be a sign of foul play and corruption.

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