The FCAT Season Once Again

Parents all over Florida with children in the public schools may be feeling the same type of pressure that their children may be feeling. FCAT may become a pass or fail type of situation that parents will feel pressured to make sure their children perform well. FCAT (Florida’s Comprehensive Assessment Test) was designed to assess a student’s academic achievement based on the Sunshine State’s standards. The Sunshine Standards are what public school use to base their instruction of students.

Passing the FCAT really becomes serious because it is one of the requirements for attaining a high diploma. High school students in Florida public schools are required to pass the 10th grade FCAT. Students do also have the option of obtaining an equivalent score on the SAT or ACT college admission tests.

With so much riding on the FCAT it is no wonder that students feel a lot of pressure when testing time comes. Some things that are recommended are that students try to relax on the testing day, get plenty of rest the night before, and have a good breakfast the day of the test.

Florida Department of Education does offer some free material that students can use to prepare for the FCAT exam.

Sample FCAT Questions are available online.

FCAT Explorer

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