Tampa Bay- Where it Begins and Ends for former Buccaneer -Vinny Testaverde

Sunday marked the end of a career of a former Buccaneer player. Vinny Testaverde was drafted by the Bucs in April 1987 from the University of Miami after winning the Heisman trophy. He had a great college career in Miami, but struggled during his time here. He threw more interceptions than touchdowns which irritated head coach Ray Perkins and the fans of Tampa Bay.

There is one game that sticks out in my mind because it was my first game at Tampa Stadium. The Bucs played the Chicago Bears in October 1989 and it was Vinny Testaverde that led the Bucs to a 42-35 victory with several touchdown passes. The game was sold out that day and I remember how loud the crowd was after the win. The Bucs did not make the playoffs that year, but the feeling was electric that day.

Vinny Testaverde finished his career with the Carolina Panthers today after 21 years in the NFL. Coach Fox put Vinny in the game with 35 seconds left so that he could finish his career in the city where he started in 1987. Hopefully, Vinny will become a Bucs fan since he plans to retire to his home here in the Bay area. Good luck Vinny!!

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