I do not mind Re-gifting as long as it is a good gift

I do not mind re-gifting. There has been argument about re-gifting and how it is just a terrible thing, but if it is a cool present then why not. Most women would not mind someone re-gifting a Fendi bag or 2ct diamond ring. Now if you want to re-gift that ugly scratching sweater that you wouldn’t even considering putting in litter box, then that is when I have to say “halt!” “Stop!” and “Espara.” The only truly allowable re-gifting is a gift that is really nice. And please do not let it be something that you have worn all over the place. No wants to have something you have been wearing, and that everyone thinks is yours. A re-giftable gift is something that is not used, unless it is maybe antique or collectable otherwise do not re-gift.

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