What I want for Christmas is a HDTV

What I want for Christmas is a HDTV. The prices of HDTV (High Definition Television) have gone down significantly over the years. You can now get a low cost HDTV at prices that were not available years ago. What has lowered the prices? Competition, competition, competition. Capitalism at work is working for us in the much desired item, the television.

I can recall way back in late ’90s when the DVD started appearing in homes. The prices at that time were $200 for some DVDs. Now you find a DVD for $29.99, sometimes cheaper. If you are willing to wait after the flurry of shoppers, then you can get your product for lower prices.

The HDTV is now one of those items that have been made more affordable for most people. Christmas time is coming around and some folks probably are looking in their stocking, or maybe their entertainment center for that gift they have been eyeing all year long.

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