Schools across the Tampa Bay area will close for the summer. The question with many working parents is what to do with the children for the summer vacation. Some parents have elected to send their children to all day camps where children attend the program during the day and return home in the evenings. Others are going to sleep over camp. Some are fortunate to have a relative to watch the children.

It is not too late to consider a summer program for your child. The Tampa Bay YMCA is one organization that offers programs during the summer for children. You may also choose consider local county and city recreational centers. Many cities throughout Tampa Bay understand the need to have a safe place for children to stay during the summer and offer program for the children.

Many of the summer programs do work week by week so that you can still have somewhere for your child to go if you decide to take a family vacation during the summer.

Teenagers may decide to find a job this summer, instead of staying home. The opportunity is still available for teenagers to find a job this summer. Many fast food restaurants have jobs available year round. Retail is also an area of employment the teenagers can look for employment. Local libraries also have jobs with flexible schedules that teenagers can do for the summer and year round.