Tampa Bay Buccaneers had overtime loss to Chicago Bears

The Buccaneers fought hard at the end of the game. Consider that going into the third quarter the Buccaneers were losing 21-3 against the Chicago Bears. They rallied back and came on strong in the second half of the game. Buccaneer fans were on the edge of their seats as the end of the fourth quarter neared and the game was tied at 31. Fans continued to hold their breaths as the game went into overtime.

But to the regret of Buccaneer fans everywhere the Bears scored a field goal and the game was sealed. Buccaneers lost 34 to 31. I have to say that Tampa Bay Buccaneers were spirited and showed some promise. Even though the Buccaneers will not make it to the playoffs this year,I do see promise for the next season.

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