Pinellas County Schools reopen August 8th

Students in Pinellas county public schools return back to school on August 8, 2006.   That is is in about 3 weeks.   Count down to school has begun.  Some parents like the fact that the kids are returning to schools soon.   It is hard to entertain kids during the whole summer months.    Some kids just vege-out on the sofa all summer long.

Well, it is not too late to do something before the summer is over.  Florida schools have summer reading lists that students can still use to expand their minds.   Some schools have their own individual reading lists.   The Library system also has a recommended reading list for the summer break.  Most of these lists are suggestions that are aimed at keeping the mind active and engaged during the long break from rigorous academic study.  Parents can just let the kids go free and enjoy whatever book  peaks their interest.

There are also opportunities for families to enjoy interesting time together this summer.  If being on a budget has caused you to stay home you can still take advantage of free and low cost activities.  One things is a trip to the beach.  The beach is fun.  Despite the saying to the contrary, their are still tons of beach space available.   Just don’t try going on national holidays when most of the working population is away from work and crowding to get that secluded peaceful spot along with a million other Floridians and tourists.

There are many trips to be taken that can be peaceful such as a trip to a national park.  These trips can be relaxing and are even less crowded than the beach.

Yes, school will be starting soon, but there are still are a few weeks before then to do something that kids can write on the that cliched “What I did on my summer vacation” paper.

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