I do not like automobile/minivan shopping

After going minivan shopping and searching I have realized that I just do not like automobile shopping.  The last time we purchased an automobile was in 2000.   Our family’s philosophy is to drive that car until that car can not drive anymore.

Some car sales people are can be deceptive.  I had one Toyota salesman tell me that the Toyota Sienna has the most horsepower of any other minivan.  Lie.  I have been doing research on several different web sites such as Edmunds.com.  The Nissan Quest and Honda Accord have more horsepower than the Toyota Sienna.

One thing is that I am happy that there are so many internet sites to help in research before purchasing a car.  One site is Edmunds.com.   Edmunds provides editorial and customer reviews for many different automobiles.  Another web site, fueleconomy.gov, provides info on the fuel economy many car, truck, vans, minivans, and SUVs.

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