3rd Day of Hurricane Season

This is the third day of hurricane season.  If you have not already heard, the NOAA predicts that this will be another active hurricane season.  Will we be as active and destructive as last season? God only knows.

We have all been through the warning before.  If you did not take advantage of tax-free week, you should still go out and buy your supplies.  I remember the long lines when Hurricane Charley was predicted to hit Tampa and I refuse to go through that again.

You can really see some desperate and crazy behavior when panic sets in.  One woman was loading her shopping cart full with gallons of water, while other people had none.  People were argueing about the flash lights.  Now that was early hurricane season 2004.

After that time I  have also remained stocked-up on hurricane supplies; no more long lines for me.  Preventing a hurricane from coming through my city is impossible, but standing in the midst of a hurricane supplies crazed mob of people certainly is not.

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