When is Hurricane Season?

Hurricane season is between June 1st and November 30th of each year. This is a long stretch. In the last few years it feels that Hurricane season is all year long in Florida. Neighbors trim trees more often and there are more automatic shutters on windows. Throughout the year people are preparing for Hurricanes.

Ever since Charlie, back in 2004, people have been getting prepared for that next tropical disturbance. How prepared are we actually? There are homes across the state that have blue tarps from last hurricane season. Try as they may, how prepared can those folks be for a hurricane? Roofers have actually come from other states, but that still has not been enough to repair all the damage roofs across Florida.
But the state has learned from the gas shortages that occurred after Hurricane Wilma, and are prepareing to have some gas stations run on generators. The problem with the gas shortage in South Florida after Wilma was the lack of electricity to run the gas pumps.

People, in general,have also learned a lot. Hopefully there are less peole that want to ride out the storm when told to evacuate.

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