The Drought in Tampa Continues

The drought continues in Tampa.  It has become so serious that the city council are considering limiting the watering of lawns to just once a week.  Currently, watering is restricted to only two times a week.
If you drive around Tampa you just see these pitiful looking lawns.  I can not wait for the regular rains to come back to Tampa Bay.  It seems that, in the last few years, the only time that we get rain is when a hurricane or a tropical storm moves through the area.  I’m sure I am speaking for everyone in Tampa Bay when I say that we have had enough of the those nasty Hurricanes.

I am currently researching ways to keep my yard from looking like a desert without violating watering restrictions.  I have seen yards that have been coverted completely to concrete and other yards covered completely with mulch.  My mind is not leaning toward any of those ideas yet.

Many plants that require low watering are available, but I have not heard of any grass that requires only one week of watering.  If you here of any let me know

 Free Water conservation items from the City of Tampa

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  1. In the UK when there is the occasional drought, many people catch the waste water from the sinks and showers from the downspouts and use that water to keep the grass hydrated.

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