It’s Better to Drink out of the Toilet

A science fair experiment done by a 12-year-old middle school girl at Benito Middle School showed that ice from several restaurants had more bacteria than the toilet water of those same restaurants. Now things that hmmm…. ewww…. and uhh…..!! I said many times that the drink taste like___, but I did not know how right I was.Well, I have to salute her on that Science experiment. I don’t think I ever made that much of an effort on my science projects. Which liquid freezes fastest is as far as I went.  So you do your thing Jasmine Roberts, show them that sistas are doing it for themselves,yeah.  All those that grew-up in the 80s sing the song or hum the tune.  You know you remember the song.
You can read the article yourself.

Girl’s Science Project May Make You Rethink That Drink Order

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