Super Bowl ads were OK, and Pittsburg Steelers win the Super Bowl

Who am I to deny pop culture? I watched parts of the Super Bowl. Pittsburg fans are rejoicing across the globe, while Seattle fans are going through several stages of grief. It’s hard for me to watch the end of a game; especially something as monumental and highly celebrated as the Super Bowl. Somebody has to lose the game. Somebody has to go home sad and dejected and I feel for those that don’t win.

Some fans can just rejoice with the winners and chase the thoughts of the losing team out of their minds. Not I say the emotional empathizer. Is there counseling for the team that does not win? If there isn’t, I say there should be some type of therapy. To make it so far and then have that dream taken away. Who wouldn’t want to cry? Many players do cry and that makes me want to cry.

And the ads this year was nothing cry over. It was mainly a yawning experience. Did the advertisers just give up this year? It felt like a why even bother trying advertisement kind of Super Bowl. Nothing really would go down in advertisement memory. Wait…I did like the Sprint Cellular phone commercials. Those were good.

This years Super Bowl was OK and the football was good too. 🙂

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