No More Publix Curbside in Tampa

According to Publix has decide to discontinue their curbside service.    They were testing one store in the Citrus Park area of Tampa to see if it would be a viable option for their other stores.   During the trial period customers could order groceries online.  They could then park in a designated spot in Publix and have their groceries brought to the car.   The Tampa location and two locations in Georgia were part of the trial period.   As of January 28th the curbside service will no longer be available.

I am sad to see the service go; I was hoping the service would be extended into other areas, but maybe the $7.99 service fee was too much for those trying to save money.   For those are looking to save time on grocery shopping there are concierge services in the Tampa Bay area that will buy and deliver groceries for a fee.  The fees start at $20.

Grocery Delivery and Shopping Services in Tampa


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  1. Wow – I am really surprised the Publix experiment didn’t appear to work out. For about $8, the convenience of this service surpasses the cost. In fact, I am surprised the online grocery shopping concept has not caught on more by now. Perhaps, it is better for niche type foods (e.g. organic) that are hard to find locally.

    Only time will tell if/when this concept will finally catch on!

  2. Although this “test” did not work at this location, I believe this would be a very viable option (for curbside shopping) in the very near future. With the availability of the internet through cell phones and I pads, it has to be only a matter of time before it could be very common with the “younger generation”.

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