Super Bowl ads were OK, and Pittsburg Steelers win the Super Bowl

Who am I to deny pop culture? I watched parts of the Super Bowl. Pittsburg fans are rejoicing across the globe, while Seattle fans are going through several stages of grief. It’s hard for me to watch the end of a game; especially something as monumental and highly celebrated as the Super Bowl. Somebody has to lose the game. Somebody has to go home sad and dejected and I feel for those that don’t win.

Some fans can just rejoice with the winners and chase the thoughts of the losing team out of their minds. Not I say the emotional empathizer. Is there counseling for the team that does not win? If there isn’t, I say there should be some type of therapy. To make it so far and then have that dream taken away. Who wouldn’t want to cry? Many players do cry and that makes me want to cry.

And the ads this year was nothing cry over. It was mainly a yawning experience. Did the advertisers just give up this year? It felt like a why even bother trying advertisement kind of Super Bowl. Nothing really would go down in advertisement memory. Wait…I did like the Sprint Cellular phone commercials. Those were good.

This years Super Bowl was OK and the football was good too. 🙂

The Strawberry Festival is coming soon

Today they crowned the 2006 Strawberry Festival queen. She is a 17 year-old high school senior. Congratulations to her and her family for the win.

Well, for all the rest of us that means a win too. Strawberries are on sale and in season. My family will be going to get our strawberries on sale. Their are some that do not like fruits, as impossible as it is for me to believe. I can not get enough of the fruits. So hail to the Queen and hail to Strawberry season.

Water water everywhere

Can you believe how long it rained in Tampabay yesterday. It can down all day long. One thing I have to say it is great for the grass and plants. Cars got flooded all over Tampa, including my husband’s Altima. What a day. We even had a roof cave in at a Bed Bath and Beyond in Pinellas County.
The rain did come done some more today, but it was not as bad as it was yesterday. Hopefully my husband and the many other who had their cars flooded can have a quick and inexpensive car repair.

But for now here are some links for those looking to salvage a flooded car.

Yes, I watch the Super Bowl for the Ads

I watch the Super Bowl for the ads. For the most part, they are more interesting than the game itself. Now, let’s not make every commercial raunchy-that is so played out. Sex sells, we all get that, but who isn’t tired of seeing half naked people on the television. I know our public school system is not that great, but we are not all dumb zombies waiting to drool at naked bodies on the TV. Can we have a little creativity this year? Can you make it something worth remembering?

So all you advertisers this is your pre game speech. Let’s make this a Super Bowl like no other. Let is be the ad that everyone talks about the next day and all the bloggers blog about for days and days. Now get out there and show those ads.

Super Bowl Official web site

Some Call it a Bribe, I Call Positive Reinforcement

Every time my toddler uses the potty I give her two M& Ms. It works for her and for me. Potty training has gone a lot better because of those little chocolate bites with hard candy shells. No, she is not totally potty trained, but it will happen. If I click my heals together and wish upon star over a rainbow I know that it will happen. 😉

If that doesn’t work then we will just keep on trying with good old consistency. Consistency teaches us to balance on a bike, learn to read, and it will teach my baby girl to poop and pee in the potty.

Nothing to Do, Mean there is something to think of.

“Mom, I don’t have anything to do.” Those words have been spoken by kids since modern English. Maybe in ancient English it was, “Mother, I haveth not a thing to doeth.” Ok, so my ancient English is not that great. As a matter of fact my modern English is not that better. But I do not one thing that’s great my English muffin. I do like English muffin. I have not had one in a while.

In England do they eat English muffins very often? Is it eaten as often across the beautiful Atlantic seas as much as bagels are eaten over here in America? Now, why are English muffins not eaten as often as bagels? It could be there is not the special condiment associated with it like cream cheese is associated with bagels. Yes, cream cheese not counted as a real condiment, but for discussion purposes lets just say it is.

Well, a better word could be garnish. Garnish sounds a lot better than condiment.
According to Webster a condiment is something used to enhance the flavor of food; especially: a pungent seasoning. Something (as lemon wedges or parsley) used to add decorative or savory touches to food or drink.

These are things to think about. That brings me back to my original thought. When there is nothing to do, there is always something to think about.

Potty Training Toddler, Patience Gaining Mother

Potty training my daughter did not go well yesterday. Forget about my daughter not getting into the terrible twos. She showed me that a two year-old can be ready for battle and I need to get prepared. Everything was “no”, but I made it through.

Yes, I did learn that I need more patience and it has been better today. She was able to go to the potty 5 times before lunch and nap time. Yes, we are making progress and I have to praise God for that.

Potty Training my Second Child

I’m now potty training my second child. I remember a few things from potty training my first child and it does help. My main thing is I need to be consistent. Yesterday I tried bringing her to the potty every hour, but 45 minutes after I brought her to the potty I noticed her training pants were soaked. We will be trying to bring her to the potty every 45 minutes today.

One benefit of her potty training is that I am able to read books to her while she is on the potty. Now that is some great multi-tasking. With my first daughter I noticed that keeping her mind occupied with something helps.

We also take care of memorizing the alphabet song while she washes her hands. We sing the alphabet song while she is rubbing her hands together.

Hopefully all goes well today.

The Tampa Bay Bucs can now Rest for Next Season

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers can now start their winter vacation. This afternoon they were defeated 10 to 17 by the Washington Redskins. More information and reliable stats can be found at The Buc have lost the bid for this year’s SuperBowl but who can forget the glorious victory over the Oakland Raiders in 2003.